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1 Unit 30- Digital Graphics Completing D1

2 Completing D1For D1, learners will research the ongoing changes in, and additions to, output media and the effect this has on the creation of graphic images.For D1 you should create the Output Media section of your report, evaluating the impacts of evolving output mediums on the design and creation of graphic images.Research the marketplace to find current developments in both hard and soft copy for graphical work.You may find it useful to find actual products used as output media.

3 How To Complete D1Create a title called “The ongoing developments in these digital graphic output technologies”Write about 4 output technologies and how they have evolved PLUS new upcoming technologiesWrite about 2 pagesInclude images** Use some of these resources below to help **

4 Hard vs Soft Copy Digital Graphics
A Hard copy is a permanent reproduction, or copy, in the form of a physical paper objectExamples: drawing, painting, photographA soft copy is the unprinted digital document file.It can usually be viewed through an appropriate digital graphics editing programExamples: digital photo, digital graphic created by computer, digital file

5 What Are Output Mediums?

6 Printer Evolution PS…Use some of your information from Assignment 1
Xerox- Future Of Printing3D Printing- Now & FutureDigital Printing

7 Plotter Evolution PS…Use some of your information from Assignment 1
History Of PlottersHP Large Scale Printers

8 Monitor Evolution PS…Use some of your information from Assignment 1
Cool!4K Monitors

9 Tablet Evolution PS…Use some of your information from Assignment 1
Best TabletsTablet FutureTop 10 Tablets for Graphic Designers

Unit 30: Digital Graphics P1, M1 Essay examples

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The Role of Components within a given computer system in the Production and Manipulation of Graphics
Introduction: In this assignment, I will explain the role of hardware and software components within a computer system. Furthermore, I will explain how they relate to digital graphics.I will also recommend suitable components for Cambridge Industrial Design. (P1)
I will then compare the limitations of different software packages used in graphics work. (M1)
Digital graphics are in their own way an art form, digitally constructed to create phenomenal images. However, you need to have some sort of artistic ability combined with a suitable computer system before you can design the perfect graphic.
Graphics Card
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For example, a word document is saved to a folder within a folder within a hard drive. Other files such as programs are saved onto the hard drive. Modern day HDDs are cheap and effective as the cost is low and the memory capacity can be of mass size, however, they are slow which makes HDDs a worthy competitor for SSDs. SSDs are flash memory drives, capable is holding programs and loading them faster than HDDs, however, small in memory capacity and expensive. Furthermore, you can combine the two. You can use the Solid state drive to save and quickly load programmes such as adobe Photoshop and use the hard disk driveto store images, videos, music and documents. I would recommend this powerful combination to anyone searching for fast performance and large memory capacities.

Processors (CPU)
The processor (otherwise known as CPU) is the very soul and performance core of the computer system; it is what allows the operating system and other software applications to-run. Every program demands dedication from the processor to decode commands that are then actionedinside the CPU to make them work.When a program is running, the CPU has to make every command work consistently one after the other. However, modern processors have the power to process commands side by side. This means that the quicker the commands are executed, the quicker the program responds to the user. Central Processing Units (CPUs) play an important role when it comes to maintaining

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