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given above. 5.

How the twin objective of equity and justice was met by the economic reforms of 1991? Explain. 6.

Write short notes on the following: (i)

Trade Union Movement (ii)

Public Accountability (iii)

Administered prices

Management Programme


MS - 04: Accounting and Finance for Managers



 110 068 MS-04 ASSIGNMENT Course Code : MS-04 Course Title : Accounting and Finance for Managers Assignment Code : MS-04/TMA/SEM-I/2018 Coverage : All Blocks Note

: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30


April, 2018

to the coordinator of your study center. 1.

How is

‘Financial Accounting’ different form ‘Management Accounting’? Discuss the

role and activities of an Accountant. 2.

The Balance Sheets of XYZ Ltd as on 31st December, 2016 and 2017 are as given  below:

Liabilities 2016 2017 Assets 2016 2017

Share Capital Goodwill General Buildings 24,000 24,000 Reserve 2,00,000 2,00,000 Plant 80,000 72,000 Profit and Loss 28,000 36,000 Investments 74,000 72,000 Account 32,000 26,000 Stock 20,000 22,000 Creditors 16,000 10,800 Bills 60,000 46,800 Bills Payable 2,400 1,600 Receivable 4,000 6,400 Provision for 32,000 36,000 Debtors 36,000 38,000 Taxation 800 1,200 Cash and bank 13,200 30,400 Provision for  balances doubtful debts 3,11,200 3,11,600 3,11,200 3,11,600 Additional Information:- For more detail contact


IGNOU MBA MS-11 Solved Assignments 2010

Course Code : MS-11Course Title : Strategic ManagementAssignment No. : 11/TMA/SEM-I/2010Coverage : All BlocksQ1. Select a company of your choice. Recollect the current events and identify theimportant macro environmental factors which had an impact on the company. Try to studythe opportunities and the threats posed to the company due to the macro environmentalfactors.

Solution: This has to be done by you«.==============================================================

Q2. What do you understand by SWOT analysis? Explain how it is important for theorganizations in taking strategic decisions. Illustrate your answer with the help of anexample.

Solution: SWOT analysis

is a general technique which can be applied across diversefunctions and activities, but it is particularly appropriate to the early stages of planningfor CORPORATE STRATEGY . Performing SWOT analysis involves generating andrecording the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relating to a given task. Itis customary for the analysis to take account of internal resources and capabilities(strengths and weaknesses) and factors external to the organisation (opportunities andthreats).

Importance of SWOT for the organizations in taking strategic decisions:

Strengths usually describe things that the company excels at doing. All strengths listedshould support a competitive advantage that the corporation has over its rivals. These can be tangible (fast delivery of products to customers) or intangible (excellent customer service promotes very high customer satisfaction). As these are internal attributes theyshould all be within the company¶s control. Ask questions such as: What does the company do well? What resources (physical and personnel) does the company possess? What advantages does the company have over its rivals?Do not forget to include key strengths that the people in the organization possess whichincludes things such as their experience, knowledge, educational background, businessconnections, and job skills. Tangible assets such as plant capacity, state of the artequipment and facilities, strong supply chains, available capital (or access to credit), loyalcustomers, patents, copyrights and superior information systems.The Strengths can be considered as anything that is favourable towards the business for example:


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