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Since our modern-day life has become so much dependent on electricity, it seems, virtually, impossible to think if we can ever live without it. When an hour or so of load-shedding, especially on a hot summer day, can make us fret and fume and curse the whole system, what would happen, if this great boon is taken away from us forever?

The whole life would come to a grinding halt, forcing all of us to experience the dull, dark, boring and uneventful period of the stone-age.

As a matter of fact, to conceive of a life without electricity is, virtually, impossible and that too when we have got slavishly addicted to the fruits and comforts electricity provides. We realize its importance, when power fails or when there is erratic supply of it.

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Don’t we start cursing the Electric Supply Undertaking and tend to associate power failure with the failure of the government machinery? Such is the attitude of ours, whenever there is even a pre-scheduled cut in power supply.

It is beyond our thought and imagination to dream how our life would survive in absence of electricity. In that case the scene would be totally different. Our homes would not be so flooded with the light of electric bulbs or tubes as they are now. Only the dim light of the earthen lamps or lanterns or candlelight’s would flicker.

Refrigerators, coolers, air-conditioners, room heaters, electric irons, toasters, T.Vs, etc. would not have been in existence without the invention of electricity. Out kitchens would not have been so well-equipped with the modern electric appliances, as they are these days.

Not only this, our offices, mills, factories, shops and all sorts of public and private institutions would have worn a deserted and dull look. Their operation would come to a stop, depriving millions of workers of the only source of their livelihood and the general public of the items of their daily use. And where would the raw material, produced after so much of hard work, go? Electric fans would have belonged to the forgotten world; people could be seen fanning themselves with only a hand fan, called “Punkha”.

Life would not have been as hectic as it is today. Machine-made clothes would not have been seen in shops. The markets of fashion would have been without any hustle and bustle in absence of fascinating items.

Hospitals, dispensaries and health clinics or centers would have been gloomy places. X-ray, electric treatment, heart- surgery, and operations would have been out of question. In summer, the patients would have sweated with heat and winter would have blasted upon them with all fury.

The channels of entertainment would have been nowhere. Radios, cinemas, TVs and videos would have merged into dreams. Civilization would have received a big jolt. Science and technology would have stopped for good.

May this horrifying possibility never become a reality! This is my only prayer to Almighty, the Great.

A Day Without Electricity

This essay is being typed on an electric device by someone sitting in a room lit by light bulbs. This system is comfortable and familiar to many people but for many more this is a dream that may take years of back breaking work to turn into reality and even then, it could just as easily never come true. The following is a snapshot of what 24 hours without electricity might feel like.

Starting the day

Waking before the sun rises in pitch darkness, the candles would have to be found and lit by sight. It is harder to get ready without the help of electricity so much more time must be allocated to every task, hence the early rising. If the resources for oil lamps are present these can be lit too but whatever is available would have to do. The clothing for the day would need to be ironed using a non-electric iron which needs constant reheating. If not, wrinkle free clothing must be source or the wearer looks disheveled. On dressing the rest of the day can begin.

Getting Food

Without refrigeration, sourcing food and keeping it edible becomes much more of a challenge. Leftovers become moldy or rotten quite quickly and fresh meat must be cooked and consumed shortly after purchase. Dehydrated fruits, meats and seafood become a huge part of the diet. In a cold country this might not be as harshly felt but in hot regions this could drastically decrease the amount of available calories and lead to unnecessary food wastage.

Getting work done

Without the benefit of electronics, creating music that can be heard by people far away becomes impossible as does participating in jobs that take place predominantly online. The vast store of knowledge that is the internet becomes inaccessible and students and teachers alike struggle with obtaining resources for research.

Feeling safe

After dark in a place without electricity, getting home can be very dangerous, especially for women. Without streetlights, the roads become very easy for people with criminal intentions to hide in. Stores are also much less likely to remain open so that the streets become deserted and a valuable source of revenue is lost out on by business owners.

Many aspects of modern life have become so commonplace to us that we barely realize how much they have changed what we can do and how we do it. To live without electricity for even a day would be a challenge.


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