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2017-12-02 Leiden Novices' Tournament 2017 1 THW ban the publication of electoral polls during the run-up to an election
2017-12-02 Leiden Novices' Tournament 2017 2 THBT the feminist movement should encourage women to not wear make-up
2017-12-02 Leiden Novices' Tournament 2017 3 THBT all states should allow single parents to raise their children in prison
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 1 THW require universities to use minimum entry requirements which are at least a grade higher for pupils from selective schools (e.g. private or grammar schools)
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 2 THBT singing-based reality TV shows (e.g. X Factor, American Idol, The Voice) have done more harm than good
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 3 THW make at least 10 years of non-political work experience a prerequisite for standing for national elected office
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 4 THBT non-LGBT+ people should not play LGBT+ roles in TV/film (e.g. that a lesbian role should only be played by a lesbian)
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV Open_Semis This house regrets the rise of international adoption
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV Open_Final This house believes that the UK government should remain silent when Donald Trump makes statements that are contrary to UK values
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 1 TH welcomes the increasing automation of labour.
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 2 THS the use of extra-legal and illegal methods to provide wider access to knowledge (e.g. sci-hub, hacking Jstor, unauthorised distribution of files and copies).
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 3 TH, as a progressive individual, would not consume the works of artists who have committed or been accused of serious crimes.
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 4 TH prefers a higher education system with a large variation in education quality over one in which there is a low variation in education quality. (+ infoslide)
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 Novice_Final This house prefers a world without alcohol.
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 Open_Semis THB the state should lace water supply with a chemical that homogenises people's intelligence to the intelligence level of an average uni graduate.
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 Open_Final TH supports the increasing secularisation of the world.
2017-11-24 Munich Open 2017 5 TH prefers a world without a concept of an afterlife.
2017-11-24 Munich Open 2017 Open_Semis TH supports the inclusion of FARC as a political party in Colombian elections
2017-11-24 Munich Open 2017 Open_Final TH supports the creation of an artificial island for those who do not want to live under the jurisdiction of any state.
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 1 This House Would abolish the statute of limitations for heinous crimes (e.g. murder, sexual assault, grievous bodily harm)
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 2 This House Believes That progressive movements should not doxx
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 3 This House Regrets the narrative that motherhood is an intrinsically fulfilling experience
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 4 TH supports South Korea's rejection of the potential trilateral military USA-Korea-Japan alliance.
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 5 “Utility factor” refers to the total, foreseeable impact on society produced by academic research. The utility factor is determined by the universities themselves. Motion:This House Supports the allocation of research funding in universities based purely on the utility factor of the research
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 6 This House Would remove all criminal penalties for knowingly exposing partners to HIV
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 7 This House Believes That development of infrastructure in developing countries should be led by the state, as opposed to the private sector
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 ESL_Final - very severe dementia; - vegetative state etc. Advanced directives are irreversible - they remain binding. NON-voluntary euthanasia is NOT INvoluntary euthanasia. It merely means that no EXPLICIT CONSENT is granted at the time. " Motion: This House Would legalize advanced directives requesting non-voluntary euthanasia for oneself
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 Open_Quarters This House Would impose heavy penalties on planned obsolescence
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 Open_Semis This House Would all movies and TV shows to introduce racial-blind casting for all characters
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 Open_Final This House Believes That 'armies of opinion shapers' should never be a legitimate political tool for states
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 1 This house would give companies tax breaks on all revenues paid as renumeration (salaries and bonus) to all female employees
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 2 THR the substitution of digital entertainment (e.g. tv, movies, video games) for written materials (e.g. novels, Kindle, comic books) in the lives of children
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 3 THBT former human rights activists under dictatorial regimes should not seek elected office (e.g. MP) after the transition to democracy
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 4 This house prefers a world in which all religions believe in Universal Salvation
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 5 This House regrets the rise of Xi Jinping
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 ESL_Semis This house believes that criminal justice systems should never incorporate retribution as an aim in determining criminal punishments
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 ESL_Final This House regrets the use of the term "moderate muslim" by Muslims to identify themselves
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 Open_Quarters This house would force all companies worth over $1 billion to list publicly
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 Open_Semis In cases where a supreme court would currently rule on the compliance of a given law with a constitutional provision, THW hold a public referendum on whether to abandon that constitutional provision
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 Open_Final THBT it is always immoral to fight for one's country
2017-11-11 FinEst 100 Open 1 THBT NFL team owners should be allowed to sanction players for political expressions on and off the field
2017-11-11 FinEst 100 Open 2 THBT Countries whose native language is not English should adopt English as the main language of governance
2017-11-11 FinEst 100 Open 3 THR the glorification of soldiers and veterans as heros
2017-11-11 FinEst 100 Open 4 THBT true womens liberation is incompatable with the existence of organized religion
2017-11-11 FinEst 100 Open 5 THBT developing countries should heavily disincentivise rural to urban migration
2017-11-11 FinEst 100 Open Open_Semis THBT Finland should join NATO
2017-11-11 FinEst 100 Open Open_Final THBT it is immoral for a country to be a tax haven
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 1 THW provide means-tested welfare in the form of basic goods and services (including vouchers), rather than cash payments.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 2 THBT twitter has done more harm than good
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 3 TH Prefers Asian Values to Western liberalism
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 4 THBT investors should cease purchasing bonds issued by the Venezuelan government.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 5 THBT minority parents should shelter their children from the existence of racism for as long as possible
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 ESL_Semis THBT that the EU should suspend the voting rights of Poland.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 ESL_Final THW ban the creation of all artificial conscious beings.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Novice_Finals THW require all sold products to clearly display their price in Dead Children Currency.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Quarters THR the creation and adoption of cryptocurrencies.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Semis THBT Mohammed bin Salman's policies are in the interests of the ruling House of Saud.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Final Assuming it could be done peacefully, THW replace all existing governments with a single global democratic government.
2017-11-04 Durham IV 1 THW ban zoos
2017-11-04 Durham IV 2 THBT when a company conducts any business in a developed nation, that nation should enforce its domestic environmental regulations at all stages of that company's supply chain (including suppliers and sub-contractors)
2017-11-04 Durham IV 3 Assuming it was logistically feasible, THW randomly swap all newborn babies at birth.
2017-11-04 Durham IV 4 THS the continued remilitarisation of Japan.
2017-11-04 Durham IV 5 THW rank all charities by their Effective Altruism score and remove charitable status from all but the most effective.
2017-11-04 Durham IV Novice_Finals THBT states should not pursue policies to reduce inequality once all citizens have an acceptable standard living
2017-11-04 Durham IV Open_Semis THR the existence of NATO after the dissolution of the USSR
2017-11-04 Durham IV Open_Final TH, as the Church of England, would withdraw from the Anglican Communion
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 1 THBT universities should not be allowed to patent technology they develop
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 2 THBT states should incentivize wealthy people to move to economically insolvent cities
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 3 THBT pro-Palestinian organisations should abandon their support for the BDS movement against Israeli academic institutions and scholars
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 4 THW Legalize Graffiti
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 5 THBT states that are responsible for heavy pollution are morally obligated to sell portions of their land to states under severe threat by climate change
2017-11-04 Huber Debates Novice_Semis Motion: THBT universities should never restrict freedom of expression beyond what is already considered illegal by the state
2017-11-04 Huber Debates Open_Quarters THBT the African Union should pivot toward the global East rather than the global West
2017-11-04 Huber Debates Open_Semis THR the decline of Marxist political parties
2017-11-04 Huber Debates Open_Final THW charge prosecutors who withhold or deliberately lie about evidence in cases where the defendant faces the death penalty or life in prison, with attempted murder.
2017-11-04 Penguin Invitational at Dominican University 1 This House believes that language should, to the greatest extent possible, be stripped of gender references.
2017-11-04 Penguin Invitational at Dominican University 2 Assuming adequate security vetting, this House would allow individual states to set their own immigration policies.
2017-11-04 Penguin Invitational at Dominican University 3 This House believes that the costs of autonomous technologies outweigh the benefits.
2017-11-04 Penguin Invitational at Dominican University 4 THW prohibit non-disclosure agreements tied to the settlement of civil lawsuits.
2017-11-04 Penguin Invitational at Dominican University 5 The U.S. should declare a cyber war against Russia.
2017-11-04 Penguin Invitational at Dominican University 6 THBT cultural appropriation is a good thing
2017-11-04 Penguin Invitational at Dominican University Open_Semis THW require post-high school public service.
2017-11-04 Penguin Invitational at Dominican University Open_Final THW call a Constitutional Convention to address the problem of gun violence in America.
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 1 THB that women are justified in lying about their past experiences, abilities and future family plans on job applications or at job interviews.
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 2 TH, as the Premier League, would require all clubs to field a minimum of 4 English players every match
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 3 THBT the EU should ban non-stun religious slaughter of animals
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 4 THW allow central banks to use quantitative easing for the purpose of government investment as opposed to the support of the financial services.
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 5 THW assasinate Kim Jong-Un
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 ProAm_Final Assuming there is a drug that increases individuals tendency to pacifism, TH, as the state, would lace the country's water supply with the drug.
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 Open_Semis THS the monetisation of reproduction (e.g. sale of oocysts, commercial surrogacy)
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 Open_Final either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” - Arthur C Clarke Motion: THW rather be alone in the Universe
2017-10-28 KCL IV 2017 ProAm_Semis THBT humanitarian organisations should, and should be allowed to, give funding, resources or services to illegal armed groups when this is made a condition for access to vulnerable civilians
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 1 THW ban police unions.
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 2 THBT Pharmaceutical companies should be held civilly liable for the opiate crisis
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 3 THB the Democratic Party should prioritize/welcome the nomination of candidates at all levels of government who favor more radical changes to existing policies and structures over those who are seen as more "electable"
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 4 This house regrets the development of mass tourism at world heritage sites
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 5 TH, as a prominent African-American group, would seek to create autonomous spaces of politics, economics etc. rather than integrating with American society
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 Novice_Final THW, as President Trump, fire Robert Mueller
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 Open_Quarters THW, as the US government, recognize the DPRK as a nuclear state and no longer oppose their nuclear program on the condition they discontinue long-range missile development.
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 Open_Semis The United States of Africa is a proposed concept for a federation of some or all of the 55 sovereign states on the African continent. The concept takes its origin from the writing of Marcus Garvey, an influential pan-Africanist leader in the early 20th century.
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 Open_Semis THS the political unification of Africa
2017-10-13 Hart House IV 2017 Open_Final THBT Truth and Reconciliation Commissions should destroy all collected testimony upon publication of the commissions' reports.
2017-09-29 HWS North American Universities Debating Championsip 1 THBT civil rights legal organizations (e.g. ACLU) should refuse to provide legal resources to white supremacists and other hate groups.
2017-09-29 HWS North American Universities Debating Championsip 2 THW replace existing welfare systems with a universal basic income.
2017-09-29 HWS North American Universities Debating Championsip 3 Of religions that promise reward for faithful practice, THW prefer religions that promise reward will come in the afterlife as opposed to those that promise material reward in this life.
2017-09-29 HWS North American Universities Debating Championsip 4 THBT the U.S. should eliminate all protective measures on the trading and use of green technologies.
2017-09-29 HWS North American Universities Debating Championsip 5 THBT social movements should emphasize an individual’s capacity to change their circumstances in the face of oppression, as opposed to emphasizing the structures that restrict and determine an individual’s fate.
2017-09-29 HWS North American Universities Debating Championsip Novice_Semis THR the modern high prioritization of sexual compatibility in romantic relationships.
2017-09-29 HWS North American Universities Debating Championsip Open_Quarters THBT, in large metropolitan areas, the government should use eminent domain to create high density housing development.
2017-09-29 HWS North American Universities Debating Championsip Open_Final THBT scholars who study under-represented groups in history should emphasize their contribution to events that are commonly considered historically significant, rather than studying the history of those groups’ contributions to their own societies.
2017-09-23 Helsinki Freshers' ProAm 2017 1 THW build social housing in high-wealth areas
2017-09-23 Helsinki Freshers' ProAm 2017 2 THR the narrative that a university education is the primary path to success
2017-09-23 Helsinki Freshers' ProAm 2017 3 THS the development of Artificial General Intelligence
2017-09-23 Helsinki Freshers' ProAm 2017 Open_Final THBT majority liberal supreme courts should actively misapply constitutions in order to advance progressive rights
2017-09-22 IIT Bombay IV 1 When casting minority characters, THBT films should only cast actors from that same minority
2017-09-22 IIT Bombay IV 2 THBT India should abandon the Make in India policy
2017-09-22 IIT Bombay IV 3 THS the existence of dual-legal systems for minority religious communities
2017-09-22 IIT Bombay IV 4 THBT the Rohingya should prioritize advocating for an independent state over citizenship and acceptance within Myanmar
2017-09-22 IIT Bombay IV 5 THR the commercialization of feminism
2017-09-22 IIT Bombay IV Open_Quarters THR the rise of Antifa
2017-09-22 IIT Bombay IV Open_Semis THR the Euro
2017-09-22 IIT Bombay IV Open_Final THW dissolve global human rights institutions in favor of regional human rights institutions
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 1 THW tax religious institutions
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2 THW normalize relations with North Korea (including the removal of sanctions)
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 3 TH, as a theatre, would refuse to run the film "Dragonfly Eyes."
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 4 THR the decline in marriage rates.
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 5 THR the rise of "global" languages like English
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 6 THBT comedic political commentators (e.g. John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, etc.) do more harm than good.
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament Open_Quarters THW ban commercial research and development of CRISPR-Cas9 technology
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament Open_Semis THBT children have a right to know who their biological parents are (e.g. adoptees, children of reproductive donors, children of estranged parents)
2017-09-16 Brad Smith Debate Tournament Open_Final THBT Democrats and Republicans should accept a border wall in exchange for full legalization of immigrants currently residing in the United States.
2017-09-16 La Salle IV 1 THBT the administration of professional licensure examinations should be in the hands of the private sector instead of the government
2017-09-16 La Salle IV 2 TH, as the UN, would give Venezuela humanitarian aid with no strings attached
2017-09-16 La Salle IV 3 THBT the environmental movement should abandon the narrative of personal responsibility in favor of one which emphasizes institutional accountability
2017-09-16 La Salle IV 4 THS Singapore's hiatus-triggered model for the presidential elections
2017-09-16 La Salle IV Open_Quarters THBT it is in China's interest to take the lead in subduing North Korea.
2017-09-16 La Salle IV Open_Semis THW remove the power of impeachment from the legislature.
2017-09-16 La Salle IV Open_Final In conservative countries, THBT the LGBT movement should actively court religious institutions
2017-09-16 La Salle IV Open_Final TH celebrates the decline of American liberalism.
2017-08-31 Athens Open 2017 1 THBT Western states with high rates of structural unemployment should directly employ their citizens
2017-08-31 Athens Open 2017 2 THW allow deaf parents to screen for, and select, a particular embryo in order to ensure they have a child that is deaf
2017-08-31 Athens Open 2017 3 THBT unwillingness to comply with the World Health Organization's guidelines on dealing with, or preventing the potential outbreak of, deadly pandemics (e.g. Ebola) should be recognized by international law as a justification for a military response
2017-08-31 Athens Open 2017 4 THBT the EU should allow member countries that have experienced consistent significant negative migration to place barriers on their citizens migrating to other EU member countries
2017-08-31 Athens Open 2017 5 THS the dominant social norm in favour of lifelong monogamy
2017-08-31 Athens Open 2017 Open_Final THBT the US constitution should have been designed so that articles of impeachment are processed in the Supreme Court rather than the legislature
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 1.1 THBT feminists should actively lobby for universal conscription in countries where only male conscription exists
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 1.2 THR the portrayal of Wonder Woman as a feminist icon
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 1.3 THBT women are morally justified to lie about their past experiences, abilities, and future family plans during the job interview process
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 2.1 THBT western liberal democracies should actively support and fund Al Jazeera
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 2.2 As the United States, THW withdraw its troops from the Korean peninsula in exchange for North Korean denuclearization
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 2.3 THBT assassination of political leaders is a legitimate tool of foreign policy
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 3.1 THW force convicts of violent crimes to undergo the Ludovico Technique
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 3.2 THW allow the use of a cultural defense in all criminal proceedings
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 3.3 THW release inmates from jail solely on the basis of their rehabilitation, and not upon the completion of a predetermined prison sentence
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 4.1 THW give legislative veto power to a Future Generations Commissioner
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 4.2 THW make the number of votes an individual has inversely proportionate to their wealth (i.e. the more wealth an individual has, the fewer votes they may cast in an election)
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 4.3 THW mandate that all direct family members of a president/ministers live in their country and exclusively use public systems (e.g. education, healthcare, etc.)
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 5.1 THBT causing deliberate harms to enemy civilians is a legitimate tactic for the weaker side to employ in asymmetrical warfare
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 5.2 THBT states are justified to respond militarily to economic policies by an opposing state that results in substantial economic harms (e.g. aggressively increasing tariff barriers, increasing the price of vital commodities)
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 5.3 THW grant citizenship to immigrants in exchange for military service
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 6.1 TH, as China, would allow women, and women only, to marry multiple male partners
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 6.2 THS China's limits on the air time of American film, TV and music
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 6.3 THBT China should provide significant financial incentives to companies located within first-tier cities to relocate to other Chinese cities
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Octos_1 THW allow individuals to sue religious organizations to claim compensation for the harmful effects of choices made as a result of adherence to religious doctrine
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Octos_2 Assuming the feasibility of identifying accurately privilege-inducing characteristics (e.g. gender, race, etc.) THW implement a privilege tax
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Octos_3 THW prohibit businesses from adopting a public position on social justice issues (e.g. LGBTQIA+, racial relations, abortion, etc.)
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Quarters_1 THW require all isolated communities (e.g. Hasidic Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses) to give all 18-year-olds a one year "Rumspringa"
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Quarters_2 THS state attempts to help their citizens find and sustain love (e.g. subsidizing subscriptions to matching agencies such as match.com, significant funding for research on what makes a relationship last, creating courses on how to woo and keep a spouse)
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Quarters_3 In developing countries, THBT when allocating resources to their children, poor families should allocate most of their resources to support the most talented child in the family
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Semis_1 THBT the State’s general economic approach should be to promote policies which seek to maximize Net Economic Growth, even when it comes at the expense of structural unemployment
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Semis_2 THBT in times of economic crisis, the state has the right to withhold information that could damage market confidence
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Semis_3 THW cap every company’s highest salary in proportion to the lowest salary within that company
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Final_1 THW prefer one innocent person going to jail to 100 guilty people walking free
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Final_2 Given the technology to accurately measure and transfer happiness, THW progressively tax happiness
2017-08-26 Canton IV 2017 Open_Final_3 THW prefer a world in which individuals are incapable of lying
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 1 THBT The US should ban extremist groups (e.g. the KKK and neo-Nazi groups)
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 2 THBT the WTO should allow developing countries to impose policies aimed at protecting domestic industries, even at the expense of harming international trade.
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 3 THR the rise of 'Sharing Culture'
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 4 THBT states should significantly fund female-only tech companies.
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 5 TH, as Israel, supports the Jewish People's Intelligence Services Doctrine
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 6 THS universities treating students as customers (e.g. by allocating significant resources to improving students' lifestyles, and granting students influence over university decisions and the content and delivery of course curricula)
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 7 THBT Western medical institutions should neither cooperate with, nor use the data produced by, non-Western medical institutions that do not meet Western standards on human clinical trials
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 8 THBT LGBT groups should actively seek to include Side B Christians
2017-08-14 Tallinn EUDC 2017 9 THS the creation and use of Lethal Autonomous Robots
2017-08-12 NCH Open 1 TH regrets the use of 'queerbaiting' in film, television and media (Round 1)
2017-08-12 NCH Open 2 During periods of national housing crises, TH as the state would take possession of homes which are not permanently occupied. (Round 2)
2017-08-12 NCH Open 3 TH prefers a world where individuals could selectively permanently erase their memories. (Round 3)
2017-08-12 NCH Open 4 TH supports military intervention in Venezuela (Round 4)
2017-08-12 NCH Open 5 THBT feminists should actively campaign for the criminalisation of pornography (Round 5)
2017-08-05 SOAS Open 1 THBT states should give all immigrants the same voting rights as their citizens (Round 1)
2017-08-05 SOAS Open 2 THBT the UK should become a tax haven (Round 2)
2017-08-05 SOAS Open 3 THBT the LGBTQIA+ movement should overwhelmingly prioritise campaigning for the provision of basic legal protections for their members in non-western countries, even at the expense of harming or not conducting campaigns in the West. (Round 3)
2017-08-05 SOAS Open 4 THBT the EU should seek to replace individual national identities of its member states with a shared European identity. (Round 4)
2017-08-05 SOAS Open 5 THBT Western democracies should ban their citizens from working for dictatorial regimes. (Round 5)
2017-08-04 Split Open 2017 1 In post conflict societies, THW limit the number of terms for president and prime minister to one term.
2017-08-04 Split Open 2017 2 THR the campaign for Eich's resignation.
2017-08-04 Split Open 2017 3 THBT Southern states in the US should secede from the Union.
2017-08-04 Split Open 2017 4 THW allow children to sue parents for bad parenting
2017-08-04 Split Open 2017 5 THW ban the research and production of moral enhancement drugs.
2017-08-04 Split Open 2017 Open_Semis This house welcomes the development of China's alternative economic institutions, e. g. the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to replace the World Bank.
2017-08-04 Split Open 2017 Open_Final (something like) THBT Croatia shouldn't celebrate it's Day of victory.
2017-07-28 Rijeka Open 2017 1 Thw introduce sin cities in areas of high unemployment
2017-07-28 Rijeka Open 2017 2 Thbt it is in the best interests of Serbs in Croatia to seek political representation through mainstream political parties rather than through political parties that exclusively represent Serbs
2017-07-28 Rijeka Open 2017 3 Thw allow soldiers to opt out of military missions and activities on the basis of their conscious
2017-07-28 Rijeka Open 2017 4 Thw take the muggle potion
2017-07-28 Rijeka Open 2017 5 Thbt public universities should not implement speech codes or codes of conduct that limit expression beyond the laws of the nation
2017-07-28 Rijeka Open 2017 Open_Semis Thbt the environmental movement should advocate for a drastic reduction of the global population as the movements top priority
2017-07-28 Rijeka Open 2017 Open_Final Thw move to Terra Libertatum
2017-07-22 Imperial IV 1 THS the gig economy. (Round 1)
2017-07-22 Imperial IV 2 THBT the LGBT movement and LGBT individuals should boycott organised Pride festivals and marches which rely on corporate sponsorship. (Round 2)
2017-07-22 Imperial IV 3 THBT the ICC should abstain from prosecuting and investigating sitting Heads of State in post-conflict societies (Round 3)
2017-07-22 Imperial IV 4 This House Would Abolish Primary Elections in the USA (Round 4)
2017-07-22 Sofia Open 2017 1 THW set a lower minimum wage for members of minority ethnic groups who face higher rates of unemployment than the general population
2017-07-22 Sofia Open 2017 2 TH, as Russia, regrets the 2014 annexation of Crimea
2017-07-22 Sofia Open 2017 3 THBT comedians from minority groups should not base their comedy on stereotypes and slurs about their own groups
2017-07-22 Sofia Open 2017 4 TH, as Bulgaria, would prohibit any Prime Minister who has willingly resigned from office to campaign or run in any future elections
2017-07-22 Sofia Open 2017 Open_Final THBT universities should set quotas for ideological groups (e.g. conservatives) among faculty & students
2017-07-12 Kopertis XI 1 This house believes that the feminists should actively reject any acts of special treatment to women.
2017-07-12 Kopertis XI 2 THBT Indonesian government should remove foreign owned start-up
2017-07-12 Kopertis XI 3 This House, as a human race would colonise CrematoryaX (with info slide)
2017-07-12 Kopertis XI 4 As mental health activist, THW name and shame individuals who mistreated people with mental diseases.
2017-07-12 Kopertis XI Open_Semis THW Rotate Presidential Position Based on Ethnical Background.
2017-07-12 Kopertis XI Open_Final THW ban alternative medicine/medication
2017-06-20 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 4 THW subsidise banks to disproportionately direct loans to historically disadvantaged communities and individuals
2017-06-19 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 3 THBT Brazil should fully privatise Petrobras
2017-06-18 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 2 THW punish attempted and committed crimes equally
2017-06-17 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 1 THBT individual feminist women should reject acts of chivalry (e.g. buying drinks for them, holding the door open, "ladies first" etc.)
2017-06-16 Pazardzhik Open 1 Infoslide: Under an 'Open Salary' policy, the salaries of every employee of a company can be seen by all employees. THW require all companies to have an Open Salary policy
2017-06-16 Pazardzhik Open 2 TH regrets YouTube's policy to not monetise 'advertiser-unfriendly' content
2017-06-16 Pazardzhik Open 3 TH would allow long-time cheated spouses to sue the third party for damages.
2017-06-16 Pazardzhik Open 4 In ethnically diverse countries, THW require all neighbourhoods to represent the ethnic makeup of that country
2017-06-16 Pazardzhik Open Open_Semis THW use PreCrime to prosecute people before they commit violent crimes.
2017-06-16 Pazardzhik Open Open_Final THBT Balkan countries' history curriculums should portray Russia in an overwhelmingly negative light
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 1 THW televise criminal trials
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 2 THBT the UK Labour Party should stand candidates in general elections in Northern Ireland
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 3 TH, as China, would abandon all claims on the Senkaku Islands
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 4 TH, as Arturo di Modica, would discontinue the loan of the Charging Bull to New York City
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 5 THBT school systems should build curricula in a way that emphasizes national pride
2017-05-06 istanbul Open 2017 1 THBT countries with high rate of unemployment should heavily tax the automatisation of labour.
2017-05-06 istanbul Open 2017 2 THBT EU should fund & promote creation of Recovering from Religion centers.
2017-05-06 istanbul Open 2017 3 THBT Western media should continue to uncritically promote the candidacy of Alexei Navalny.
2017-05-06 istanbul Open 2017 4 This house would recast male action heroes as female (e.g. James Bond, Jason Bourne, Wolverine)
2017-05-06 istanbul Open 2017 Open_Semis This house would limit internal migration to Istanbul e.g. through limiting access to public services, ability to rent or buy property, employment etc.
2017-05-06 istanbul Open 2017 Open_Final This house would rather be average than a genuis
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 1 THW legalise euthanasia by doctors
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 2 THBT Catholic priests should report to the police any information learnt during Confession regarding violent crimes committed by members of their congregations
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 3 THW allow living individuals to cryogenically freeze themselves
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 4 THBT sex education classes should teach a wide range of techniques for sexual pleasure, including (but not limited to) foreplay, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex and BDSM
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 5 THS military coups to overthrow illiberal, democratic regimes
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 6 THBT Democrats in the United States Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives) should aim to block any and all legislation proposed by the Trump administration
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 7 This house believes that South Africa should fully privatise its water supply
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 Novice_Final THBT egg donors should not be financially compensated beyond medical expenses.
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 Open_Quarters THBT all states should apply universal jurisdiction to corruption
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 Open_Semis THW prefer a world where parents received children with all attributes fully random at birth (e.g. genetics, race, health, intelligence etc.)
2017-04-29 Cape Town Open 2017 Open_Final THW grant the rights and responsibilities afforded to human beings to Strong Artificial Intelligence.
2017-04-29 Smolny Open 2017 1 This house would force parents of obese children to send their children to "fat camps"
2017-04-29 Smolny Open 2017 2 This house opposes "MiSS" schools.
2017-04-29 Smolny Open 2017 3 This house would require all politicians to use only public services
2017-04-29 Smolny Open 2017 4 This house would implement a sin tax on meat.
2017-04-29 Smolny Open 2017 5 This house would give prisoners, with a life time jail sentence, the choice of being put to death by a lethal injection
2017-04-29 Smolny Open 2017 Open_Final It is irrefutably proved that God does not exist. This house believe that this should not be declared to public
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open 1 TH supports Academic streaming (Infoslide: Streaming is separating pupils in schools by academic ability.)
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open 2 THBT Religious Leaders Should Not Publicly Comment On Political Issues
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open 3 TH Supports Baltic States Implementing Mandatory Conscription
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open 4 A machine has been invented that allows for the simulation of life in absolute poverty, THW require all citizens reaching the age of 18 to temporarily plug into the machine.
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open 5 TH regrets the rise of "pop feminism".
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open Novice_Final THBT criminal justice policy should be outsourced to technocrats instead of elected representatives
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open Open_Quarters THBT liberal politicians should prioritise empathetically engaging with alt-right concerns rather than condemning exclusionary rhetoric.
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open Open_Semis Given the opportunity by the Feminist movement, THBT the Trans Movement should disaffiliate from the LGBT+ Movement and affiliate actively with the Feminist Movement
2017-04-22 Erasmus Rotterdam Open Open_Final TH regrets the dominance of the narrative of pushing yourself to the limits
2017-04-22 Stockholm Mini 1 THW ban the advertising of cosmetics (e.g. make-up, hair-styling products, perfume)
2017-04-22 Stockholm Mini 2 THR the decision of the organizers of Almedalen Week to allow the participation of the Nordic Resistance Movement
2017-04-22 Stockholm Mini 3 THW abolish the state recognition of marriage (including, for example, tax breaks, alimony payments)
2017-04-22 Stockholm Mini 4 THS increased US military involvement in the Korean penninsula and South Korea
2017-04-22 Stockholm Mini Open_Final This house, as the historian, would reveal the truth to the world.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 1 THS the use of revenge as the primary motivating factor for body modification.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 2 THBT the US should always prioritize intelligence gathering over the privacy rights of foreign citizens.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 3 Given a finite amount of disposable income, THW donate to established charities rather than personal crowdfunding campaigns.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 4 Given the inevitability of deep space travel, THBT all future space travellers should abide by the prime directive.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 5 In instances where a patient is reliant on life extending care, this house supports the use of "death panels."
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 6 Given that it was attempted, This House would prefer that the 2016 coup against the Turkish government had succeeded.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 7 Given the choice between maintaining sanctuary city status and having federal funding removed, THW choose to maintain sanctuary city status.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 8 THB states should not attempt to reduce economic inequality beyond the point at which everyone has received at least living wages.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 Novice_Final THBT journalists who cover subjects in distress have a moral obligation to provide reasonable assistance to those who need help.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 Open_Octos THS the enforcement of a "red line" against the use of chemical or biological weapons.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 Open_Quarters THR the shaming or exclusion of members of social movements who are deemed not to meet standards of ideological purity.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 Open_Semis THBT the US should covertly support moderate political parties in Europe.
2017-04-15 USUDC Denver 2017 Open_Final THW immediately cease all financial and military support for the war on drugs, deprioritize domestic drug enforcement, and re-purpose all funds currently spent on those ends on reparations for those negatively affected by current policy.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 1 This house supports the use of “eye in the sky” policing in urban areas with high crime rates.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 2 This house supports democratic governments using social disgust as a grounds for restricting public speech or display.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 3 This house regrets the shift in focus within the academic study of history from studying great figures and institutions to studying cultural forces and the experiences of ordinary people.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 4 Given the choice as an individual who is a typical, healthy 30-year-old, THW elect to never again feel the emotion of sorrow.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 5 This house believes that the US should issue guest worker visas, under which minimum wage laws would not apply.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin Open_Final THBT governments should abandon the strategy of "decapitation" in fighting terrorism.
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 1 This House Would Fully Subsidize Gender Reassigment Surgery For Pubescent Teenagers Regardless of Parental Consent.
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 2 This House Believes That Israel Should Fine Actors Who Refuse To Perform In Settlements
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 3 This House Believes That the U.S. Should Hack China's "Credit Social System" In Order To Disrupt It
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 4 This House Believes That Republika Srpska Should Be an Independent State
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 5 This House Believes That Mexico Should Allow Neighbourhoods And Cities In North Mexico To Form Armed Militias In Order To Combat Drug Cartels.
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 Open_Semis This House Would Impose Criminal Laws To Crimes Comitted By Users Of Avatars In Virtual Worlds (Such As ’Second Life’)
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 Open_Final This House Supports the EU Backed Western Balkans Customs Union, Even at the Price of Terminating the Free Trade Agreement With Russia And of Joining the EU Sanctions on Russia
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 1 THW ban college entrance exams - for example: ACT, SAT
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 2 THW require meat packaging to display images that vividly and accurately reflect the experiences of the animals throughout the manufacturing process
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 3 THBT social media companies should factcheck posts by world leaders
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 4 THBT protesters should sabotage the Dakota Access Pipeline
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 5 THBT the international community should regard the USA as a rogue state if it leaves or does not abide by the Paris Climate Agreement
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 Open_Quarters THBT the state should pay reparations to women
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 Open_Semis THW abolish all locked facilities - for example: jail, detention centers, correctional facilities - for youth
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 Open_Final TH, as a Republican member of Congress, would destroy the evidence
2017-03-25 Empire Debates 1 THW abolish K-12 private schools
2017-03-25 Empire Debates 2 THBT the feminist movement should oppose the rise of commercial products and services aimed at helping women protect themselves from sexual assault and harassment (e.g. nail polish that changes colour around date rape drugs, anti-rape underwear, "killer tampon", Pink Cabs)
2017-03-25 Empire Debates 3 THBT Mexico should pull out of NAFTA
2017-03-25 Empire Debates 4 TH, as a parent belonging to a minority religion, would discourage their children from expressing their faith publicly (e.g. wearing yarmulkes, hijabs or other articles of faith, etc.)
2017-03-25 Empire Debates 5 In places with significantly high waiting times for finding appropriate donors, THW legalize the private sale of organs
2017-03-25 Empire Debates Novice_Final THW withdraw all military aid to Israel
2017-03-25 Empire Debates Open_Semis THBT Western countries should cease all direct military intervention in Yemen
2017-03-25 Empire Debates Open_Final THP a world in which all people actively believed in determinism as opposed to a world in which they believed in free will
2017-03-24 Tricity Mini 1 THBT universities should not interfere with the choices of topics and guests at events organized by their students
2017-03-24 Tricity Mini 2 TH, as the EU, would impose sanctions on Poland for breaching democratic principles
2017-03-24 Tricity Mini 3 THW introduce educational system with the selection process based only on geographical location (and not e.g. test results)
2017-03-24 Tricity Mini Open_Final THR the rise of sharing economy
2017-03-17 North American Women & Gender Minorities Debating Championship 1 This house supports deaf parents' choice to deafen their children in utero.
2017-03-17 North American Women & Gender Minorities Debating Championship 2 This house supports the government suing meat producers/distributors to recover health care and environmental costs incurred by meat consumption.
2017-03-17 North American Women & Gender Minorities Debating Championship 3 This house, as the European Union, would reject Turkey's membership application to the European Union.
2017-03-17 North American Women & Gender Minorities Debating Championship 4 This house opposes the presence of external sex characteristics (uterus, vagina, breasts) at pro-women protests (eg, the Women's March on Washington).
2017-03-17 North American Women & Gender Minorities Debating Championship 5 This house opposes the societal idea that forgiveness is a virtue.
2017-03-17 North American Women & Gender Minorities Debating Championship Novice_Final This house opposes democracy.
2017-03-17 North American Women & Gender Minorities Debating Championship Open_Semis This house would prefer a world in which we never found out that Joseph Boyden has no Indigenous heritage.
2017-03-17 North American Women & Gender Minorities Debating Championship Open_Final This house believes that feminism is incompatible with capitalism.
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship 1 THW make the directors of major governmental science and technology organizations elected positions (e.g. Director of Environmental Protection Agency, head of National Science Foundation, Minister of Science and Technology)
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship 2 THBT governments should depopulate areas with few viable economic activities.
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship 3 THBT the feminist movement should oppose presumptive custody in favor of women in cases of divorce.
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship 4 THBT it is legitimate for states to deny residency to immigrants who openly contradict their predominant values.
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship 5 THW institute a "robot tax"
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship 6 THBT minority groups should not reclaim slurs that have been directed against them.
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship Open_Quarters You are a citizen living in today’s world. You have the ability to create a perfect world by picking a random child by global lottery and condemning them to a condition of abject misery. The lottery is unbiased. The child will endure all the world’s extreme suffering in perpetuity (i.e. lack of human contact, torture, starvation, disease). The child’s suffering creates a world without war, famine, disease, or poverty: there is perfect prosperity and happiness. THW do it.
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship Open_Semis This house believes that the USA should fund military action by private intermediaries (e.g. paramilitary groups, private military contractors, vigilante groups) against drug cartels in other countries in the Americas.
2017-03-10 2017 Pan-American Universities Debating Championship Open_Final This house prefers a world where American and Canadian Multi-National Corporations in South America adhere to the environmental and labour standards of their home countries.
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 1 THW allow local communities to vote to reduce the amount of policing present within their districts
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 2 THBT China should remove its restrictions on rural to urban migrants.
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 3 THP a world where everyone has Highly Superior Autobiographical (with info slide)
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 4 Given that private gun ownership is legal, THS the existence of women's gun rights organizations (with info slide)
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 5 THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 Novice_Final THO the dominant narrative in popular culture that there exists a soulmate for everyone
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 Open_Quarters In countries that have the death penalty, THW implement execution duty (with info slide)
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 Open_Semis THW allow individuals to sue religious organizations for compensation for the harmful effects of choices made as a result of adherence to religious doctrine
2017-03-04 Budapest Open 2017 Open_Final THBT it is the Moral Imperative of Liberals within Eastern European countries to stay within their Home Country rather than Emigrate to More Progressive Countries
2017-03-01 Riga Mini, 2nd edition 1 TH Welcomes the live-streaming of war
2017-03-01 Riga Mini, 2nd edition 2 After the collapse of USSR, Latvia and Estonia, in contrast with many other states, decided not to automatically grant citizenship to its permanent residents who had moved to the countries after the end of World War II, instead offering them an option to naturalize. Citiezenship was one of the promises made the pro-independence movement to encouradge Russian-speaker support. By 2016, 11.75% of Latvian and 6.1% of Estonian population are still non-citizens. Motion: THBT Estonia and Latvia should grant citizenship to non-citizen residents
2017-03-01 Riga Mini, 2nd edition 3 In the near future, scientist Thomas Harbor has discovered conclusive scientific evidence that afterlife exists. It has also been determined that it is impossible to to find out the specific nature of afterlife. Motion: TH, as Thomas Harbor, would destroy the research
2017-03-01 Riga Mini, 2nd edition 4 TH supports the establishment of a gayborhood in Riga
2017-03-01 Riga Mini, 2nd edition Open_Final Assuming Belarus agrees, THBT NATO should grant full membership to Belarus contingent on its pivot towards the West in foreign policy and trade
2017-02-25 Leiden Open 1 THBT American news media should cease to invite major Trump surrogates (e.g. Kellyane Conway, Sean Spicer) to comment on news events.
2017-02-25 Leiden Open 2 This house supports the creation of all-Jewish universities in Europe
2017-02-25 Leiden Open 3 This house regrets the social perception that ADHD is an illness, as opposed to a personality trait
2017-02-25 Leiden Open 4 THBT the BDS movement does more harm than good.
2017-02-25 Leiden Open 5 THBT the West should support the Russian-backed Syrian peace talks.
2017-02-25 Leiden Open Novice_Final THW sell the script.
2017-02-25 Leiden Open Open_Semis THBT the rise in oil prizes does more harm than good
2017-02-25 Leiden Open Open_Final In countries with frequent coalition governments, THBT mainstream parties should refuse to include far left parties in coalitions, e.g. Socialist Party ('SP') in the Netherlands, Die Linke ('The Left') in Germany.
2017-02-24 GWU Eastern Championships 2017 2 THBT every European state should significantly increase military spending
2017-02-24 GWU Eastern Championships 2017 3 THR the commodification of indigenous art
2017-02-24 GWU Eastern Championships 2017 4 Assuming a cap on refugees, THW prioritize admitting refugees who have engaged in armed resistance against oppressive regimes
2017-02-24 GWU Eastern Championships 2017 Open_Quarters TH opposes common currency
2017-02-11 cornell novice nationals and tournament of love 1 THW prosecute the production and distribution of fake news
2017-02-11 cornell novice nationals and tournament of love 2 Thw not allow revolutionary leaders and their families in post conflict societies to run for political office
2017-02-11 cornell novice nationals and tournament of love 3 THW allow the selection of all-female juries in sexual assault cases
2017-02-11 cornell novice nationals and tournament of love 4 thbt public health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control, should be given the power to quarantine individuals involuntary who they suspect are ill with highly contagious diseases
2017-02-11 cornell novice nationals and tournament of love 5 THBT human shields are legitimate targets in war
2017-02-11 cornell novice nationals and tournament of love Novice_Final TH regrets the narrative of college as the primary path to success (not sure if exact wording)
2017-02-11 cornell novice nationals and tournament of love Open_Semis TH, as the Catholic church, would sell its cultural artifacts in order to fund poverty alleviation
2017-02-11 cornell novice nationals and tournament of love Open_Final THB trade unions should stop all campaigning and policy work against offshoring
2017-02-10 Galway Open 2017 1 Assuming that it was possible, THW abolish internet anonymity.
2017-02-10 Galway Open 2017 2 THW allow major medical charities and providers (e.g. Cancer Research, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Irish Heart Foundation) to sue media outlets and organisations who share incomplete, incorrect or misleading medical information.
2017-02-10 Galway Open 2017 3 THBT the USA should militarily intervene in the Philippines
2017-02-10 Galway Open 2017 4 THR the rise of the sharing economy.
2017-02-10 Galway Open 2017 5 TH supports the existence of sex and relationship sections in popular media.
2017-02-10 Galway Open 2017 ProAm_Final THR the Neolithic Revolution
2017-02-10 Galway Open 2017 Open_Semis THW teach children to question and undermine authority
2017-02-10 Galway Open 2017 Open_Final THR the idea that life must have meaning
2017-02-04 Riga mini 1 THBT ecoterrorism is legitimate
2017-02-04 Riga mini 2 TH, as atheists, W stop ridiculing religion
2017-02-04 Riga mini 3 THW take down the Victory Monument
2017-01-27 Shahjiwana International Debating IV 2017 1 This house believes that Pakistani Feminists should campaign for the end of gender segregation in mosques, and the right of female imams to preach in mosques.
2017-01-27 Shahjiwana International Debating IV 2017 2 This house regrets Wikileaks decision to release the DNC emails
2017-01-27 Shahjiwana International Debating IV 2017 3 This house, as the state of Pakistan, would officially recognise the state of Israel
2017-01-27 Shahjiwana International Debating IV 2017 4 This house believes members of SAARC should collectively agree to increase labour standards, and environmental standards, rather than engage in a 'race to the bottom'.
2017-01-27 Shahjiwana International Debating IV 2017 5

What do you think, is there life after death? Answer might be quite different depending on how you approach this subject. Do you have religious or scientific point of view.

Is There Life After Death?
Yes because...

If by life after death you mean heaven then yes

John 3:16

You cant believe in god and not believe in heaven!!!

Isnt that life after death, in a sense?
No because...
i belive there is god and i go to church ( sometimes) but i dont belive you go to heaven or hell. infact i belive if u die then your spirit dies too, except for if you have something wrong when you die something really important to do them you simply become a ghost.
Is There Life After Death?
Yes because...

life after death

i do think that there is life after death. ive lived in 2 different houses that we thought were haunted. and they are. we brought in 2 different phycics to the houses and they said that they were haunted then my step mother got held down to her bed both times in 2 different houses. we invited the phycics back but they were to scared to come back and one of my step sisters does things that would make her a phycic.
No because...
Psychics are fakes. There are well-documented techniques used by these so-called mediums such as cold-reading, and indeed the original perpetrators of these "powers", the Fox sisters, revealed that they were not genuine. However, by that point, the craze had taken people by storm, and it is impossible to hold it now. Someone telling you there are ghosts is not irrefutable proof that there are ghosts.
Is There Life After Death?
Yes because...

Life after death is strongly stated in the bible.

John 11:25
English Standard Version (ESV)

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life.[a] Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live."

John 3:16
English Standard Version (ESV)

"For God so loved the world,[a] that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Luke 23:43
English Standard Version (ESV)

And he said to him, "Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise."

My favorite verse ( that has nothing to do with this) is 1 Corinthians 13:13....." For these three remain; faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love."
No because...
The Bible is not a definite source of information; it is as valid as if I were to say wizards are real because I read it in Harry Potter.
Is There Life After Death?
Yes because...

I have no doubt about life after death: it exists.

I acn and i love my life.......u should 2
No because...
Could you give details as to your experiences? judging by the detail in your point the answer is No? Okay.
Is There Life After Death?
Yes because...

There is a Heaven and there is a Hell.

I believe anyone can go to Heaven and anyone can go to Hell. Some of us believe in Heaven but not Hell. I see it as, if there's a Heaven, there must indeed be a Hell. I also believe we make the choice of going to Heaven or not everyday. Whether it be because we act with kindness or we act cruel. And if we make the choice of being cruel, are we truly sorry about it?
No because...
Do you have proof?
[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5Za8HggalY]]Do you have proof otherwise mr no.
Is There Life After Death?
Yes because...

yes there is

I believe in recarnations and i believe that there is life after death...once we die yes we come alive in some other environment and other circumstances and it also depends on the karma we do in our earlier life....so do good and be a better one in next life
Is There Life After Death?
Yes because...

yes there is a heaven and a hell

God meant for all men to have fellowship with Him. He made man and woman in His image and gave them a mind and spirit to communicate and even to know Him. He also gave them freedom of choice to get to know Him or not. (after all what kind of a friend would you havet if they were your friend because you forced them?) same thought with God He wants us to want to know Him.
After Adam(and Eve) did not listen to God he was expelled from the presence of God..
Satan also was expelled from the presence of God.And God allows him to be in the world until he will be cast into the lake of fire in hell.
(hell was made for him and his demons)God set about restoring the relationship between man and Himself. And since there was no one to bridge the gap between man and God (no one perfect) God sent His son, Jesus to stand instead of us before a just and Holy God.
Jesus took on all our sins(missing the perfect mark-definition of sin) and gave His life for us. And then rose from the dead disarming all the satan's power. Satan is heading for hell with his demons, but God is reaching for man and woman to fellowship and know Him. Now the ball is in man's court - if he chooses God then he goes to heaven and has fellowship with God- if he chooses to go away from God he goes to hell with satan and the separation from God is many times worse than any death.

Is There Life After Death?

What do you think?


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