Students Homework P99 Review

HW20- due 10/23: Giancoli p220 #22,23,25,26 AND problem from class  AND Practice AP Problems (with answers in the google form) AND watch the two web videos on Momentum,Impulse, and Collisions

HW21- Giancoli p188 #4,5,15,16,18,20 AND AP Practice Problems with answers here AND complete the Meteorite Lab exercise from class AND a quiz on Torque and Momentum on Friday.  Hmm... I wonder which of the most lucrative college majors require physics....

HW22- AP Collision Problems (you should have picked up from class) AND prepare for the exam on Thursday!!  Below are several study guides; you may want to check the class notes section also!

Study Guides for the Exam

    kinematics problemskinematics notesPrevious Exam Sample Problems

projectile motion problemsprojectile motion notes

Newton's Laws problemsNewton's Laws Notes

Samples N2L problemsProblem Solving Notes

Gravity Problems    Gravity Notes

Circular Motion ProblemsCircular Motion Notes

Momentum ProblemsMomentum Notes

HW23- The Dream Crusher exam will destroy you!  But study anyway...
HW25- Giancoli p162 2,3,4,5,15,16,20,27,28,33,36 AND complete the Popper Mini-lab from class AND there's a quiz on Wednesday (it's a short week, recall) 
HW27- Giancoli p162 #13,26,29,32,39,41 AND Energy Quiz
HW28- due 11/18: Giancoli p163 #50,51,52 AND complete the truck AP problem from class AND Complete Spring Lab AND watch this web video
HW29- due 11/20: Giancoli p281 #1,2,3,23,24,25,27,29 AND Practice AP Problems (Google Form Answers) AND please bring a tire pressure gauge if you have one for an activity involving cars on Wednesday
HW30- due 11/22: Giancoli p281 #7,9,11,17 AND complete the AP Problems (click here if you need a copy of them) AND Complete the Density/Buoyancy Lab AND there is a quiz on Fluids Friday! (Check out solved example problems here...)  (BRING TIRE PRESSURE GAUGES IF YOU HAVE THEM!!)
HW32- due 12/5: Giancoli p283 #35,36,38,51 and p380 #26 29,31,33,35 AND quiz on Bernouli and Ideal Gas Law (review the class chem sheet)
HW33- due 12/9: Read Giancoli 15.1, 15.2 (read the examples as well, make sure you can follow them) AND watch Khan Videos... (3 of them... the 1st law of thermo, work from expansion, and P-V diagrams)-- TAKE NOTES on the Khan videos; these notes will be scored for HW credit!!  DO PROBLEMS Giancoli p433 #1,3,4,11... I realize there are only 4 problems and they won't take much time... use you time to watch and re-watch the Khan videos for understanding.
HW34- due 12/11: Giancoli p433 #5,6,7,8,10,12 AND this sample AP problem AND Complete the AP Problem on the back of the classwork (box chart with          thermo notes) sheet (2001 #6)
HW35- due 12/13: Giancoli p433 #5,6,7,8,10,12 (the right page this time) AND the two AP Problems from class.  What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than with a thermo quiz.
 HW36- due 12/17: Giancoli p317 1,2,13,14,28,29,30,31,33 AND Oscillation Simulation (the pendulum lab is due Thursday or BEFORE you go to winter break if you will be absent on Thursday)
HW37- due 12/19: Giancoli p318 #36,37,38 AND AP Practice Problems (bring the answers to class) AND complete the Pendulum Lab AND Quiz on Oscillations and waves (you will be quizzed on oscillations, waves, sound and light .  The quiz will be at the end of class.)
HW40- due 1/10: Giancoli Read (again) 12.7 AND DO p346 #15,16,17 AND Giancoli READ 23.2,23.4,23.5,23.6 DO p658 #3,4,23,24,26,27,28,31
    AND complete the speed of sound and refraction Labs   (Here are some optional sample questions about refraction in case you want to review for teh quiz on Friday!)
HW42- due 1/16: Giancoli READ 24.3,24.5,24.6 and DO p692 #1-6,27,28 AND Quiz on waves (refraction, diffraction, interference, double slit) AND Complete the double slit lab (Here are some Sample AP Problems on double slit for quiz practice)
HW43- due 1/21 and 1/23 and 1/24:  PREPARE FOR THE FINAL EXAM!!  Complete study guides, sample problems, re-read notes and the text book, watch Khan videos, etc
Study Guides for the Final Exam
HW45- due 2/3: Giancoli Read 23.7, 23.8 and pay attention to the sign conventions in the box on page 651 AND do p660 #43,44,45,47,49.  Here is a Khan Video if it helps-- there are more as well.  Complete the Greenhouse Effect Project.  (The lab is due on Wed, a quiz on Friday)
HW46- due 2/5: Giancoli Read 16.1-16.6 and DO p465 #1-7 AND complete the Lens Lab AND for periods 2  ,  6 complete the Greenhouse Effect Project with data and evaluation
HW47- due 2/7: Giancoli p465 #8,9 12,14,15 AND Electric Field Hockey Simulation AND Complete the two AP problems handed out in class (exclude parts about                electric fields/potential) AND Optional Lens Practice problems AND 4th period-- do Greenhouse Data/Evaluation
HW48- due 2/11: Giancoli p466 #23,24,25,26,27,28 AND p489 #12,3,4,5,6,7 (BIG HINT... for most of the Giancoli remember the charge of one electron/proton is 1.6x10-19 C... they don't always give this to you in a problem. AND AP Sample Problems AND you may want to watch this Khan Academy video (it may                    help)
HW50- due 2/19: Giancoli READ 18.1,18.2,18.3 and DO p515 #1,2,4,5,6,7 AND complete the AP Sample Questions from class (enter your answers on the link above) AND Complete the Circuit Inquiry Lab
HW51- due 2/21: Giancoli READ 18.4,18.5,18.6 and DO p515 #9,10,12,13,14,15,16,26,27,28,29 AND a quiz on Electric Field/Electric Potential.
HW52- due 2/25: Giancoli READ 19.1,19.2,19.3 and DO Questions p545 2,3,4, and Do problems p547 #5-8 AND AP Sample Problems AND if you are wanting more help, check out the Khan Academy
HW53- due 2/27: Giancoli p547 #9,10,11,16,17,18,23,26 AND Sample AP Problems (18A) AND a circuits quiz next class (yeah!)
HW54- due 3/3: Giancoli p547 #1,2,3,24,25,27,83,84,85
HW55- due 3/5: Giancoli Read 17.7, 19.5 DO p547 12,13,14,15,19,20 AND Complete the Non-Ohmic Lab from class
HW56- due 3/7: Giancoli p490 31-34 and p549 #35-38 AND complete the 3 AP problems from the worksheet in class AND circuits/capacitance quiz on Friday
HW57- due 3/11: Giancoli READ 20.1, 20.4 AND this article on current research on magnetism.  AND watch these two Khan Videos (Magnetism 2 and Magnetism     3) AND this guy on youtube.  While there are no Giancoli problems (I know... cheer up though, there will be more later) you should take notes of these videos.  Specifically, you should know how to calculate the magnetic force on a charge object, the magnetic force on a current carrying wire, and the right-hand-rule.      (Who knows... there might be a little "quiz" of your comprehension on tuesday...)
HW58- due 3/13: Re-read the text 20.1-20.4 or re-watch the videos as needed AND Giancoli p577 #1,2,3,10,11,12,13,15,16 AND Complete the Magnet Lab
HW59- due 3/17: Giancoli p578 #9,17,20,26,27,28,30,34,35,41 AND AP Sample Problems
HW60- due 3/19: Giancoli p579 #37,38,39,42,43 AND READ Giancoli 21.1,21.2,21.3 AND watch a khan video (optional... watch the khan video on magnetism 8 for math help of fields due to wires and watch magnetism 9 for electric motor help)
HW61- due 3/21: Re-read Giancoli 21.1,21.2,21.3 and DO p610 #1-7 AND AP Sample Problems (A quiz too)
HW62- due 3/25: Giancoli p611 #8,9,10,13,15 and 130 review questions (ok... you don't have to do all of them, but show some effort)
HW63- due 3/27: Midterm Exam (here's a copy of the Formula Sheet)
Review for the Midterm Exam (the exam is on March 27th)
HW65- due 4/4: Giancoli p860 #9,10,11,12,15 AND p886 #16,17,18,21,26,27 AND complete the Millikan Lab from class AND there's a nuke/decay quiz on Friday (sample AP problems for practice)  Here's a Fusion video which greatly helps the concept-- you may have to find part 2/3
HW66- due 4/15: None... have a great spring break.  Read over the WOW contest rules
HW67- due 4/17: Giancoli Read 27.3,27.7,27.8,27.11 and DO p783 #10,11,12,49,49,50,52
HW68- due 4/21: Giancoli Read 27.3-27.7 and DO p783 13,14,15,16,17,18,19 AND watch these videos on the Photoelectric effect (all of them) AND check out this simulation 
HW69- due 4/23: Giancoli p783 #20,21,22,23,24,25,37,38,39,40 AND complete the Planck's Constant Lab AND We are going to start reviewing for the AP test.  I suggest you gather old notes/quizzes/other work.  Also print out the AP formula Packet found here.
HW70- due 4/25: Sample AP Problems (on photoelectric effect) AND Quiz on Photoelectric effect AND Bring materials to class to help prep 
HW71- due 4/29: Prepare your review session for next week!  I would also recommend starting to review all of the course material for the upcoming exam... and while I won't assign any specific problems, please make sure to demonstrate your utmost maturity in making the best review session possible for your peers (after all, the review isn't for me-- I already know fysics)  Also, remember...due Thursday, WOW plan for group)  Sorry I missed Friday by the way...
HW72- due 5/1: 2013 AP exam (do it.. but here are the answers if you get stuck) AND Walk-on-Water Planning (one copy per group)
HW75/76- due 5/9&5/13: The AP exam is coming!!  Review old notes, quizzes, homework assignments.  Check out the review sheets linked on this page above.  The350 Concepts MC link has been fixed... try it!!
HW79- due 5/21: Giancoli Read 26.1-26.5 DO p750 #1-5 (Quest) and p751 #1-5 (prob) AND the Relativity and You assignment from class 
(get PERMISSION SLIP signed)
HW80- due 5/23: WOW PERMISSION SLIP and Giancoli p751 #6-13 and Relativity Quiz on Friday!  (Also... you will need two pictures of your walk-on-water shoes; that is two pictures per team)
HW81- due 5/28: Giancoli Read 26.10 DO p752 #43-48 AND WALK ON WATER-- last weekend!! (AND Relativity Lab-- not due until 6/3)
HW82- due 5/30: Walk on Water!!  See you at the pool! 6565 Alicante Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009
HW83- due 6/3: Relativity Lab AND General Relativity Problems from class (Walk on water writing is due Thursday: journal and reflection)
HW84- due 6/5: WOW write up (journal and reflection) AND Quiz (chapter 33) AND read over Big Bang Lab 
HW85- due 6/9: Complete the Bog Bang Lab AND BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK (so you don't get charged for it)
Studying for the (Aspiration Assassin) Final Exam...
6/9--- Last Day of new material
6/10--- Review for Final Exam
6/12 or 6/13--- Final Exam
NOTE:  Any grade issues or concerns must be addressed by 6/5.  After June 5, I am only grading Walk-on-Water Reports and Final Exams!

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