Lutron Homeworks Entry Package Price

The new Lutron Connect packages include a 1-link processor and the Lutron Connect Bridge. These packages reduce the starting price of a HomeWorks QS system and bring the Lutron Connect app with remote access and expanded cloud based integration to every project. Additionally, HomeWorks QS integrators can now utilize the new DIN power panels and modules to provide flexible dimming and switching solutions on the QS link. DIN power modules (DPMs) are specifically designed for the best LED dimming performance available.

These new HomeWorks QS connect packages and DIN offering provide:

  • Simplicity: New 1-link processor is ideal for smaller projects. This is a cost saving solution when only one link type is required (RF or QS).  For multi-processor projects, the one-link processor can be configured to any link type including: QS Wired, RF, RPM Panel or H48/Q96. DIN power modules support any lighting load type so integrators can easily adjust for last minute changes to the lighting fixtures. The 1-link HomeWorks QS processor and the DIN solutions are supported in version 12.0 of the HomeWorks QS Designer Software.
  • Space-savings: New DIN rail panels for installation in smaller spaces. Lutron’s DIN rail family includes various DPMs: Phase Adaptive Dimmers, Switches, 0-10V Dimmers and EcoSystem digital controllers as well as multiple enclosures of different sizes to hold the DPMs. These new panels provide more dimming zones per panel minimizing the equipment footprint, ideal for apartments, condominiums and yachts.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Fewer panels are needed for budget-conscious projects. This solution provides price sensitive options for smaller projects by using the 1-link processor and reducing the number of interfaces
  • Complete compatibility: Works with all existing HomeWorks QS components with access to all HomeWorks QS luxury control options. DPMs also provide the best LED dimming performance available, including options for phase control, 0-10V and digital.

Available this October, Sivoia QS configurable power panels will further maximize flexibility for wired shading products. The panels are available in 10 output and 30 output versions and provide a pre-wire landing point during construction. When shades are installed, power supply modules with five outputs are easily snapped into place.

For more product details, go here.

Lutron is breaking out of the gates at CEDIA 2017 (booth # 4800) with the launch of several new products, including a new wireless control solution dubbed RA2 Select, stylized HomeWorks QS Palladiom Thermostat and completely new Palladiom Shading System, new compact DIN rail modules, and more affordable Finiré Prime LED lighting fixtures. Also, the company has completely redesigned its app interface across all its lines, from Caseta to Radio RA2 to HomeWorks.

"All these represent significant investments into the residential systems channel. We have thoughtfully developed end-to-end solutions that will help differentiate Lutron dealers and drive more business to the entire custom installation channel. These products expand the offering and reposition some of our system boundaries," says Rich Black, director of residential business development. 

Palladiom Shading System with Exposed Rollers

One of the biggest reveals from Lutron is its new Palladiom Shading System with exposed rollers. 

“This is not just a new exposed bracket, it is an entirely new shading system with a new drive, bracket, wire management and installation system," notes Black. "It makes installation fast with minimal light gaps and hidden wires. Lots of innovation made this possible. A lot of the magic in the system is what you can’t see in terms of engineering to do things like be able to drive the fabric all the way out to the edge of the roller to minimize the light gap.”

Other features include ultra-quiet motors and a new hem bar. The shade is coordinated with the Palladiom keypad and the new thermostat. That coordination may help Lutron dealers win more projects. 

RA2 Select Fills Gap

RA2 Select is a new, simpler, differentiated lighting, shading and home control system providing smart home capabilities and controls for users while providing easy setup, installation and scalability for integrators.

The radio frequency-based lighting and shading control system consists of an RA2 Select main repeater and up to four optional wireless repeaters. The main repeater connects to the home’s Wi-Fi router which integrates with the cloud and the Lutron app located on the homeowner’s smartphone and/or tablet.

RA2 Select repositions the boundary between when to use Caseta versus when to use Radio RA2.

“Now there is a product that fills that space between a DIY / retail-available product like Caseta and Radio RA2," says Black. "That was a pretty big jump for what a dealer had to do for design, initial starting costs and programming.” 

“Now there is a product that fills that space between a DIY / retail-available product like Caseta and Radio RA2."

— Rich Black, Lutron

Black says dealers told Lutron they had many clients who wanted more functionality but were not ready to make a commitment of $15,000 to do a full Radio RA2 system.

The system is completely set up using the Lutron app. There is no PC utility. It uses pre-configured Pico keypads, which at $56 each represent a much lower investment for the client than having to use $300 seeTouch keypads that are needed for a full Radio RA2 system. According to Black, in beta tests some integrators were able to set up systems in just 15 to 20 minutes. 

RA2 Select contains a curated set of control options including Pico scene keypads, and RadioRA 2 dimmers, switches and appliance modules. This new system also works with Sivoia QS Triathlon and Sivoia QS Wireless roller shades, drapery tracks, Kirbé vertical drapery, and roman shades systems.

Lutron’s Pico is a wireless, battery powered (10-year battery life) device that delivers convenient control and flexible mounting options. The Pico can be mounted on the wall or on a table with a pedestal, putting control where you want it without the need to pull wires. Users can adjust lights and shades to levels that meet their activities using the Pico scene keypad. In addition, Pico wireless controls are available in four gloss colors as well as select Satin colors providing coordinated aesthetics to match RadioRA 2 dimmers, switches, keypads and accessories. 

The system works with leading smart home brands, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Honeywell, Nest, Sonos and more. It can support up to 100 devices, which is double the number of devices that Caseta can support. RA2 Select is available only for CE pros, and aims to provide simplicity, speed and profitability for installers to get on and off jobs quicker, and increase profits.

RA2 Select Main Repeater is $249 list price. Lutron wireless repeater is $199 list price. Pico scene keypads start at $56 list price. The price includes the main repeater, dimmer, Pico wireless remote control and free Lutron app.

HomeWorks QS Palladiom Thermostat

Lutron is also debuting the new HomeWorks QS Palladiom thermostat, which offers a sleek, clean finish by featuring buttons and faceplates made of the same material – plastic, glass or metal – for a coordinated aesthetic. The t-stat also has large, tactile buttons with backlit, engraved text that are easier to find in a darkened room.

The thermostat also features variable backlight intensity controlled through Lutron’s Dynamic Backlight Management, which adjusts the brightness based on the ambient lighting conditions. Animated heating and cooling icons on the LED display indicate when the system is running.

Temperature control can be added to HomeWorks QS whole-home scenes via keypad buttons, timeclocks, or the Lutron Connect App, which gives homeowners the ability to monitor and adjust temperature while home or away.

The unit also supports multi-location control of HVAC (i.e., one on the first floor and one on the second floor). The thermostat can be integrated with third-party control systems. The Palladiom thermostat is compatible with conventional 5-wire forced air systems and fan coil units.

Suggested retail price is $400 for plastic, $600 USD for metal or glass.

Finiré Prime LED Fixtures

Lastly, the Coopersburg, Pa.-based company is debuting its new LED downlight solution called Finiré Prime. It comes with a five-year warranty, and a two-day ship turnaround.

Finiré Prime LED fixtures come standard with 90+ CRI, two-step color consistency, and a Lutron 1 percent dimming driver. Additional features include a shallow ceiling 3.5-inch non-IC housing and a tilt mechanism allowing adjustable or downlight solutions within each round or square trim kit.

Finiré Prime is available in both IC and shallow non-IC housing options. Other features include:

  • Tilts up to 25°
  • 2700K and 3000K
  • 90+ CRI LED options
  • 14W,1000 lumen output
  • 30° and 65° beam spreads
  • Secure clips for mounting into the ceiling without additional hardware
  • Round or square options
  • Trim in matte white

According to Lutron, the new fixtures give integrators the ability to specify/design lighting fixtures with confidence, eliminating the need to be an expert in lighting design. Installers simply select the trim shape, color temperature, beam spread, housing and control type.

It also allows integrators to make decisions later in the construction cycle, simplifying the planning process. Suggested retail price starts at $330.

DIN Rail Modules Fill Gap 

Last but not least, Lutron is unveiling new DIN rail modules offer more technology and flexibility, especially for applications like MDUs or smaller homes.

"A $2 million condo — even though it might only be 2,000 square feet — certainly deserves to use equipment like a Palladiom keypad."

— Rich Black, Lutron

Black notes, “Because of the efficiency of the modules and the way they plug into the panels, it allows for a little more panel density compared to our traditional modules that take up a little more space.”

He admits that sometimes it was tough for an integrator to know whether he should install Radio RA2 or HomeWorks on a small project due to the startup costs and gear needed to start a HomeWorks system.

Sometimes, that was unacceptable from the client’s standpoint or the HomeWorks dealer did not feel like it was the right decision to put in all that overhead.

"But now, with products like these new DIN rail modules, which live on our powerful QS Link, you can get control keypads, shades and lighting via the DIN modules. That allows you to use a one-link processor, which simplifies the design and makes it easier to run the wires. This allows a Lutron dealer to now do more projects using HomeWorks. For example, a $2 million condo—even though it might only be 2,000 square feet — certainly deserves to use equipment like a Palladiom keypad. This DIN solution helps a dealer implement a very simple system at a reasonable cost.”


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