Flanger Pedals Comparison Essay

Last Updated: Aug-05-2017
We added a section that covers vocal harmonizer pedals.

After a lot of thinkig, the team behind GuitarFella decided that showing you a list with a flashy title like “the top 10 guitar pedals” will not be enough. The reasons are many. There are just way too many pedals out there and showing you just 10 is not fair.

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It is not fair for you, it is not fair for all the great brands and designers out there that are producing these marvelous “stomp boxes” and last but not least it is not fair for me because I will know deep inside myself that I am lying to you.

The Big World Of Must Have and Essential Guitar Effects

Ten is not enough. If you are not here for the first time and you already checked our article on the top acoustic guitars and the recommended electric guitars you know how we roll.And if we are going to review a lot more than just 10, why not split them into proper categories that will help you choose what is working best for you. As it will take a lot of time to write all these for you, please be easy on us. For the people that do not want to waste that much time thought and just want a quick list with some great effects we prepared the comparison charted listed below:

10 Recommended Guitar Pedals:

ImageGuitar Pedal / RatingSummaryCheck Price
+- Boss DD-7 Digital

Total of 4.63/5  

Multi-purpose design that combines everything great from previous popular Boss delay models.

+- Boss FRV-1 Fender

Total of 4.70/5  

Beloved classic that brings the same performance we fell in love with.

+- Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer

Total of 4.63/5  

One of the most legendary overdrive pedals ever made that still delivers.

+- Electro-Harmonix SOULFOOD

Total of 4.63/5  

One of the best and only Klon Centaur clones on the market.

+- Boss CH-1 Stereo

Total of 4.65/5  

One of the familiar and favorite go-to models that still performs great.

+- MXR Dyna Comp Effects Pedal

Total of 4.63/5  

Very transparent compressor pedal that gives you good range and tone control.

+- Dunlop The Original Crybaby

Total of 4.78/5  

One of the oldest and definitely the best wah pedals still around.

+- Boss RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

Total of 4.80/5  

Balanced performance with stereo recording and a broadened spectrum of control options.

+- Boss FV-500H

Total of 4.92/5  

An old and proven design that has become a synonym for reliability.

+- Electro-Harmonix LPB-1

Total of 4.93/5  

A legend that was there since the beginning, and still kicks strong.

It will take time to write and update all of the content at once. Come back regularly and I promise that there will be always something new for you to read, the list with essential guitar effects will be constantly updated. If you are just starting out, we recommend going through some online guitar training before you dive in the guitar pedals world.

So here they are, pick your category and read on:

The Must Have Delay Pedals (click for full list)

The Effect:To this day, there are 3 main delay pedal types coexist, Tape is usually the most expensive and sough-after (especially Vintage releases) type as they provide very natural sound reproduction. Analog were modernized in the 70’s and they worked on electronics, with a minor drawback according to some as they store up to 3 seconds of Delay time. Digital pedals is the type met with most frequency on today’s market, offering longer-than-usual Delay times and pristine sound reproduction, these are usually your best pick. A lot of players know that they want a delay effect but have no idea from where to start, if you are one of them, try the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal The most basic and often met controls on Delay pedals are Time, Level and Feedback, you’ll sometimes find them labeled differently but with the same function and purpose.

Recommended Reverb Pedals (click for full list)

The Effect:Reverb pedals have remained a staple pick in each guitarist’s arsenal in order to provide that extra sound refinement and enhancement when necessary. It may be tricky, learning to apply the right amount of Reverb, as too little may go unnoticed, and too much may sound silly, yet finding that sweet spot is definitely thrilling and satisfying. Great option for every beginner (or a so called must have guitar pedal) is the Boss FRV-1 63 Fender Reverb Pedal. If you want to dig deeper into the reverb effects, check out our dedicated article, the plethora of reverb pedals for you to choose from will surprise you.

The Essential Overdrive Effects (click for full list)

The Effect:These pedals keep the original clarity of your sound intact, depending on how you tune it, you can use a little bit of overdrive, that adds some grit to the signal, with higher tuning you can get relatively more aggressive overdrive sound that’s still tame and if you push your overdrive pedal to the limits you might get a similar sound to that of a distortion pedal’s lower settings. A good overdrive (like the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer) is an essential solution for those of you wanting sound enhancement with lower interference, while having the option to add some aggression in your sound, but without taking it to extreme degrees.

The Best Distortion Pedals (click for full list)

The Effect:Distortion is one of the most popular and desired guitar pedal effects, especially among rock, hard-rock and metal players, The Kinks, Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica, to name a few. Prior to the introduction of effect pedals on the market, Distortion was mostly achieved by forcing an overwhelming amount of electricity passing through a guitar amp’s valves. Nowadays this is no longer necessary. Arguably one of the most famous and newbie friendly option and at the same time prime example for a distortion pedal is the classic Electro-Harmonix SOULFOOD.

The Top Rated Chorus Pedals (click for full list)

The Effect:Chorus is one of the most recognized pedal effects, dating back from the beginning of the 70’s, and later on popularized in the 80’s, it was the most used effect on guitar pedals back then, and no guitarists dared to step foot on stage without the classic Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus Pedal or MXR Micro-Chorus, to name a few. Originally, Chorus pedals came in Analog form, however today the market is mixed with both Analog and Digital pedals, with the difference between the two being that Analog modifies the signal directly, while Digital takes the original analog sound coming from your guitar, converts and modifies it into digital form, before finally converting it back to analog form prior to its release.

The Outstanding Compressor Effects (click for full list)

The Effect: Compression rose to fame in the rock and roll era, many famous musicians used (and still do) compressor pedals in order to add distinctive sustain in their performances, attracting the listener’s attention and making them stand out from the diverse instruments playing along. Some of the most famous compression pedals are the “Ross Compression” and the classic “MXR Dyna”, which have been subject to imitations and remakes ever since their original releases. Compression pedals have remained popular to this day, and are considered a must-have in many guitarist’s arsenals.

The Go-To Wah Pedals (click for full list)

The Effect: Wah pedals are primarily based on inductors, and later on Fasel inductors – serving as integral parts which play a big role in the outcome of the sound itself. They work on a basic principle, by adjusting a wah pedal’s footswitch your sound frequency’s behavior is modified, resulting in a “wah wah” tone – for further clarification take a listen to “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix. Naturally, effects may vary slightly or greatly depending on the model in question. Some of the most popular modern wah pedals are Dunlop’s numerous Cry Baby iterations and Vox’ marvelous classic enhanced remakes. The thing that sets wah pedals apart from other types in a unique way, is the fact that they rarely feature any controls, it’s just the footswitch and a dynamic range of impressive funky tones at your disposal.

The Best Looper Pedals (click for full list)

The Effect: Loop pedals essentially operate as recorders that have the ability to infinitely spin the recorded bits and possibly alternate them in a variety of ways. The main function of any looper is to be able to record a musical part, and then automatically put it on loop until ordered not to do so anymore. Depending on the complexity of the pedal, loopers can offer multiple layers, overdubs, as well as options of recording more than a single instrument. They range from simple single-switch stompboxes all the way to powerhouse loop workstations. Check out our full reviews to see which one is your perfect match. If you are looking for the quick winner, the Boss RC 3 is a great contender.

The Popular Volume Pedals (click for full list)

The Effect:

The SubZero Micro Pedal range are smaller in size, making them more accommodating for most pedal boards. Their robust, metal casing and analog circuitry means they are built to be used in all scenarios, from home practice to regular live performances.

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SubZero has released a number of gain and modulation pedals including distortion and overdrive. A number of essential pedal board purchases are also included in the range, from the Polaris Power Supply and Tundra Tuner to daisy chain cables and DC battery cables.

All SubZero Micro Guitar Pedals are available to be purchased separately, and should you wish to buy a complete pedal board then you can buy one of the ready-made pedal board bundles, which include 5 pedals and the SubZero Micro Pedal Board and Power Supply, providing you with everything you need to add to your guitar rig immediately.

SubZero Guitar Effects

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