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Thank you everybody for the hard work you put into learning your lines and the songs for the Y5 play.  We were very proud of the performances you gave because all of you did a fantastic job.  Well done.

Year 5 Homework

This week's homework is due in on Monday 19th March.  Please make sure your homework is handed in on time.  Homework that is not handed in on time will not be marked unless we receive a request from parents for an extension.

If there are multiplication tables you still don't know, then choose one and practise it until you know it off by heart.

Along with Year 6, every week we will, from now on, have a word of the week.

This week's word is fastidious.  Below is the work covered in class which you can revise at home. 

Read all the sentences first then write down what you think the word means and which class of words you think it belongs to - noun, verb, adjective or adverb?

He was so fastidious, he cried every time he got mud on his trousers.

They were too fastidious to eat at the local greasy spoon cafe.

Mr Khan was very fastidious about the way his suitcase was packed.

Can you write sentences using fastidious or the words that are related to it?

Message from Miss Saul to 5S

The next multiplication tests will be on Friday 23rd March.  Well done if you improved your score last week.  It is very important that you keep practising because you will find a lot of the maths we do in Y5 easier if you know the times tables really well. 

Children working on the multiplication marathon, instead of practising the speed grid I still want you to concentrate on the 6 times tables and get to know it inside out.  Use the sheet above for practice.  If you have learnt the 6x table, then you will be moving on to the 7 times table.  Please use the sheet above for practice.

If you have already scored 144 on the multiplication marathon in less than 10 minutes, well done.  Instead of the multiplication marathon, you will do Test 2, multiplying multiples of 10 e.g. 40 x 20, 300 x 6, 50 x 400 for which you will need to use your knowledge of the times tables and your understanding of place value.  I have attached a new sheet if you want to practise at home.

If you have successfully completed Test 2 in 5 minutes or less without any mistakes, then move on to Test 3 which is about multiplying decimals by whole numbers and multiples of ten.  All you need is a knowledge of the times tables and an understanding of place value.  I have attached a practice sheet.

For those who have now mastered Test 3 and have successfully completed the division facts test, move onto Test 5 dividing multiples of 10.  For those who have mastered dividing multiples of 10, you will move on to Test 6, the mixed multiplication and division sheet.

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Welcome to Year 6!

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  • Englicious grammarThere are lots of quick fire grammar activities here to help you beat the grammar test!


This video from CEOPs Thinkuknow education programme helps children to understand what constitutes personal information. Children need to understand that they need to be just as protective of their personal information online, as they are in the real world.

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